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Association of Forest Entrepreneurs under the name of Mieczysław Wierzbicki in Goluchów

Association of Forest Entrepreneurs (AFE) was created in 1992 by group of companies established primarily by the employees of State Forest Service (under leadership of MR. Mieczysław Wierzbicki) who took over the works in the forests on their own account. It has been estimated that nearly 60 thousand employees left National Forests within privatisation period and were employed in private forest companies.

Association was established by it’s members in order to help one another in solving increasing problems connected with the privatization of the service and to realize common intentions and plans. We wanted to have our representatives in the negotiations with our principals and other institutions which influence the forest management and policy. The society was founded in order to coordinate the cooperation with the State  Forests Organisation.

Today (2006) Association consists of 205 members, and directly represents approximately 4000 forest workers. Private forest service sector is the only acceptable model nowadays, and therefore today the role of AFE has increased significantly as the only institutionalized representation of 40 000 people working in Polish Forests.

Goals of Assocciation
  • representation of Forest Entrepreneurs interests and care for the appropriate professional and ethical standards
  • shaping the legal and economic awareness of the members of the Society and improvement of their qualifications.
  • care over the development of the young forest entrepreneurs.
  • appearing in front of the organs of the national and municipal administration, and social institutions and organizations in the matters of the environmental, professional and social issues of the members of the Society.
  • organization of the various forms of the peer help.
  • popularisation of the modern technologies for performing the forest works.
  • improving the knowledge in the area of the safe methods and technologies of work in the forestry.
  • protection of the forest areas against devastation and destruction


Current Activities

AFE is involved in most important political, social and economical discussions at the governmental level. Through our daily activities we would like to improve the quality of work and live of people representing forest service sector. For practical implementation of our statutional goals we also developed and monitor the system for forest service certification.

AFE is member of European Network of Forest Entrepreneurs (ENFE), have close contacts through common projects with neighbouring countries (Interreg - Germany, Ukraine, Belarus). It is part of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) umbrella organisation in Poland and participates actively in development of Good Forest Management standards.

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